Who We Are

Who We Are

The Apostolic Christian Church had its roots in Switzerland. It was founded in the 1830’s by a Swiss clergyman named Samuel Froehlich, who called his group the Evangelische Taufgesinnte, which was translated as Evangelical Baptists. This group differed from the established state church of Switzerland in two prime areas:
1) they were part of the Anabaptist movement, that is, they believed in baptism of believers rather than of infants who had no knowledge of the faith, and
2) they were part of the Peace tradition, similar to the Mennonites, in that they believed in non-violent solutions to political problems and would not bear arms in war. The first adherents came to the USA in 1847, and began the first Evangelical Baptist congregations in New York State. The name of the movement was changed, so as not to confuse it with the Baptists, who were already an established denomination. Although it was first called Evangelical Baptist, it began to also be known as Christian Apostolic, then Apostolic Christian, which is the name by which the church was eventually registered.

ACCF Purpose


To create and maintain funds for the purpose of spreading the Gospel in the United States and in other countries based upon the Word of God, and built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets; Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner stone.


To provide the needed visitation by church workers in the churches and for isolated members and where possible to establish new churches.


To provide exhortation and help in the churches as needed for the awakening and renewing of interest in the work of the Lord.


To provide the necessary collaboration and assistance among the churches for the selection and preparation of Bible school materials, including the financing, publication, and distribution of proper and necessary literature.


To investigate the needs, to advise, and to assist in the procurement of church buildings and other needed facilities.


To represent the Apostolic Christian Churches as a service organization regarding legal or governmental matters which may arise.


To establish committees for the promotion of the purposes and objects of the corporation in different parts of the United States and in other countries.

8. AID

To solicit and disburse funds for the purpose of aiding the needy and the distressed in the United States and in other countries.

Mission and Vision

To provide information, programs, financial resources and other services to our churches in North America and missionary projects around the world for the purpose of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and the salvation of lost souls.

The Apostolic Christian Church Foundation serves the needs of our members and churches in North America and around the world, and assists in their efforts to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.