ACCF Newsletter

Quarterly, our Missions and Missionaries are invited to share how the Lord is working in their specific ministry- the blessings and the struggles. Often with celebration and sometimes with tears, events are shared by our front-line servants for Christ with which you too can join in prayer and support from thousands of miles away. Is the Lord leading you to pray for them? To join them in their service? To send them cards or care packages? To support them financially? To join a short-term work team?

Follow them with us as they write heartfelt descriptions of the Lord’s work.

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ACC Messenger

The Christian Friendship Messenger started in 1948.  It was originally started as a means for the Youth Groups of our churches to keep in touch with each other.  Later it evolved to include all the news in the church and to foster a close relationship between the churches.  Many receive a blessing by reading a publication that shares what God is doing in our local churches, many are encouraged when reading about their loved ones and many have been exposed to the Gospel by the sharing of the personal testimonies.  To subscribe to the Christian Friendship Messenger send an email to: