DAP - Domestic Actions and Project Committee

The mission statement of the DAP Committee is to (1) develop programs and materials that assist the church in outreach, teaching, and all matters of ministry, (2) encourage and equip members who have a willingness and a gift to be used in these programs, (3) provide material assistance to these individuals, when it will help free them to fully participate in this work, and (4) help spark an increased missional effort on a local level within all our AC churches.


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Now in its eighth year, this year-long course of study allows students dig deeply into every book of the Bible while also providing opportunities for them to explore important doctrinal topics, learn from church history, receive individual mentoring, and put their faith into practice through outreach and service opportunities. The vision is that these students will go back to their home congregations and be further equipped for whatever work God calls them to.

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Youth Choir

Since its inception in 1988, this two-week-long singing tour continues to be a powerful evangelistic tool that impacts both the participants and the audience, while also being a spiritual encouragement to our various congregations, a meaningful way for our youth to build formational Christian friendships, and a way to increase communication and understanding within the church.


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REV3 is an initiative that hopes to help the local church “Revitalize, Energize, and Visualize” in “3” of its most fundamental and inseparable life-callings: evangelism, discipleship, and shepherding. REV3 wants to see a prayerful, Spirit-led renewal within our churches where each individual member and every local congregation is fully living out their missional calling.

With God’s Word as the ultimate authority and each congregation as the primary agent, REV3 is available to visit your church, present workshops, and provide the follow-up that can help catalyze and deepen the learning through tools, resources, personal testimony, practicum, curriculum, consultation, and accountability.


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