European Projects

Serving Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine

  • HOUSING FUND (gives out loans to our mostly young members so that they can obtain affordable housing)
  • SELF-HELP FUND (also loans for starting a small business to combat unemployment that is a common issue for all EE countries)
  • BURSERIES (to help the young obtain education and get employment)
  • SONG BOOKS – ZH Hymnal publishing. The Romanian ZH are printed and being distributed to our EE brethren and a shipment was delivered from N. America in February 2012.
  • MEDICAL AID PROGRAM – medications, diapers for the elderly, bandages, wound dressing and other medical supplies; treatments or hospital costs
  • For more information, please contact:

    (formerly Yugoslavian Relief)

    Zoran Lisulov
    Phone: 519-966-0348

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    European Needs